10 advAntAges oF nOt hAviNg A loVer

10:18 AM

10 Advantages Of Not Having A'LOVER'

1.Save time.
2.Can sleep well.
3.Don't have to bother about missed calls.
4.Don't have to worry about how you look.
5.Can eat in any restaurant.
6.No borring sms in the middle of night.
7.Can talk with all boys.
8.You won't hear 'aaw..you are dull today'.
9.Can go anywhere with anyone.
10.Don't have to listen same old crap jokes.

bonus:you will live a long life...so be aware of LOVER..

if the dews froze under the sahara,
the blaze will not then wither the will,
if the peace is no longer fluttering doves,
then he hate will then turn to love.

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