"Contest Give And Take By Nana & Tyna"

12:26 AM

Dhira join contest lagi..

Contest Give and Take by tyna and nana
haa, nampak x banner kat atas tu?..
nak join?. klik banner tu laju2~

BFF? Best Friend Forever
org melayu cakap kawan baik selamanya.
tak terbilang rasanya kawan2 dhira yg baik dgn dhira..
Sam, opie cun, zaza, montel, cik eqin, atie, najwa,
thenin, atif, aina, kodi 
dan ramai lagi... korang jgn jeles pulak yee..

location: pameran kor SISPA at USIM
Watak utama: sha(me) and sam
watak smpgn:alin,sila,selly

ngeeee~merepek je lebih..
ape2 pun nak dedicate something to all of 'U' yg mnjadi kawan baik Dhira.

a friend like u is a special gift
we like to do many of the same things and 
we share a lot of wonderful fun moment

we encourage each other during our difficult times
and laugh each other during our good time

a friend like u is a special gift
we can share each other our secret dream and desires
cheer each other on for success and happiness
and wipe each others tears when we are sad and disappointed

i wish u all the best
may your dreams come true
I would thank you for making my life wonderful
with the colors of everlasting friendship
and I wanna tell u that I'll cherish our friendship 
till the death do us apart...

~thanks for reading~

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Greetings and Assalamualaikum...
Sila tinggalkan komen anda di sini..
Will pay a visit back! Thank You


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