The Internet-Part1

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The Internet
The Origin of the Internet

* The Internet began as a research network funded by the 
Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the U.S Defense Department in 1969.
* In 1989, the National Science Foundation (NSF) took over the management
of the ARPANET.


*Anetwork is a cluster of computers.
*In a network, the server computer provides network services to the client 
computers on that network.
*Several LANs can be interconnected using gateways and routers to form
a wide area network (WAN).
*LANs and WANs can be connected to the Internet through a server that
provides Internet software and physical data connection.

Image 1.1 Cisco Internetwork Operating System

Internet Addresses

* The Domain Naming System (DNS) assigns names and addresses to
computers linked to the Internet.
* Top-level domains (TLDs) were established as categories to accommodate 
Internet users.
* The teo-letter US domain is based on political boundaries.
* The IP address or Internet address is made up of four numbers
separatelt by periods.

Top-level domain names
Name and its entity

.aero --> air-transport industry
.asia --> Asia-Pacific region
.biz --> business
.cat --> Catalan
.com --> commercial
.coop -->cooperatives
.edu --> educational
.gov -->govermental
.info --> information
.int --> international organizations
.jobs --> companies
.mil --> U.S military
.mobi --> mobile devices
.museum --> museums
.name --> individuals, by name
.net --> network
.org --> organization
.pro --> professions
.tel --> Internet communication services
.travel --> travel and tourism industry related sites

okey,done. to be continued... The Internet-Part2

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