Advanced Glow Effect | Tutorial 2

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Todays tutorial : Advanced Glow Effect | Part 2


Now in our glow effect, it helps to have a nice textured background. So we are going to create a sort of smoky haze. To do this, create a new layer, then make sure you have white,
#ffffff, and black, #000000, selected as your background and foreground colors.

Then go to
Filter > Render > Clouds. This will give you the same random cloud pattern as above.


Now set the opacity of your layer to Overlay and 30% transparency. In some instances this would be enough, but for our needs we want it even smokier looking!

So go to Filter > Sketch > Chrome and use default settings of 4 and 7 for detail and smoothness respectively. Actually you can probably mess around with those if you want, but the defaults seem to be fine.

When you're done, the result should look a lot smokier (once its overlayed at 30% transparency that is). You can see the result in the background of the next screenshot. 


Now before we can start making glows, we need to have something to glow. Here's where we break out the pen tool. If you have used the pen tool much we suggest playing around with it a little. There are some tricky things you can do with shortcuts, but for this tutorial you don't need those.

In fact all we want to achieve are some nice curves. Fortunately this isn't too hard. we find the trick is not to use too many points. Instead rely on the Pen Tool's natural curving and drag the mouse out for each point so you get a big angle. In this S-curve shown above, we've only used three points, the starting point, the end point and one in between to give it the bend.

okey, will be continued... dan Selamat mencuba..
Kredit to my fren, QmNews for this tutorial..
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