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Hari ni nak sambung tutorial Glow Effect.. Part 3.
Sapa2 yang dah ter'miss' part yg lalu, boleh view sini --> GE1 GE2


Once you have a nice curve, create a new layer. Then click on the Paintbrush Tool (B) and choose a very thin, hard brush b. As you know, soft brushes are the blurry ones and hard brushes are more solid. In this case we suggest using a thickness of 3.

Note that you can have any color selected as your brush color because we'll go over it with a layer style shortly.


Now switch back to the Pen Tool. You must switch tools in order to do this next bit.

Then right-click and select Stroke Path. A little dialog box will appear as in the screenshot. Choose Brush and make sure there is a tick next to Simulate Pressure. This is important as it will give your curve tapered ends which will make it rock!

Next right click again and select Delete Path.


You should now have something like the above. Just a thin, cool swishy thing.


Now we add some glows. The easiest way to make our glows is to use layer styles

In a nutshell, I've added two sets of glows. To do this we first use Outer Glow and then because we want a second glow, we change the Drop Shadow settings so that it becomes a glow (you can do this by reducing the Distance and changing the blend mode to something like Color Dodge)

Oh and also we've used a Color Overlay to make the item white so that its like the center of an intense glow.

OK, done. Will be continued..
Thanks to my fren, QmNews for this tutorial.. 

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