Advanced Glow Effect | Tutorial 4

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Hari ni nak sambung tutorial Glow Effect.. Part 4.


So now you have the same line but with a cool glow coming off it. The beauty of using a layer style is that you can copy and paste it to other layers. To do this you just right-click the layer and select Copy Layer Style then create a new layer and right-click and choose Paste Layer Style.


So now
repeat the same process a couple of times to make more squiggly lines. In this instance, we made one a little thicker by changing the paint brush size before we did the Stroke Path bit of the process. We also made a third line and erased part of it and sorta made it join the other two to look like a cool triangular shape.


Here we've added some
text in and applied the same layer style to the text layers.

It's important to pay lots of care and attention to your text. When you're first starting out, use simple fonts and play with spacing between letters, words and sizes. You can achieve a lot with just some small tricks. Here we've contrasted the three words by making Glow a lot larger and in regular casing, then made Advanced and FX much smaller, with greater space between the letters and all caps.

You can control spacing with text using the
Character window. If it isn't already open go to Window > Character and it should appear. Mess about with the different settings until you learn what each controls.

OK, done. Will be continued..
Thanks to my fren, QmNews for this tutorial.. 

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