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Hari ni nak sambung tutorial Glow Effect.. Part 4.
Sapa2 yang dah ter'miss' part yg lalu, boleh view sini --> GE1 GE2 GE3 GE4


Now we add some particles. To do this, create a new layer then select a
tiny paint brush size 3 and just paint some dots on. It helps if they are clustered towards the center of the glow so that it looks like they are emanating from there.

You can make some of the central ones larger by
doubling over on them with a second paint brush dab. Then paste our Glow layer style on to that layer too!


Now that's looking pretty cool, but it will look even cooler if we give it some subtle coloring instead of this super gaudy red. So create a new layer, and using a radial gradient, draw a blue to white gradient as shown.


Then set that layer to a
blending mode of Color and change the opacity to 50%. You'll see that it turns the image kind of bluish. we think that's looking much cooler already, but just to go that extra step we also created a couple of extra layers, one with some faint yellow and one with faint purple. You can see them in the screenshot above.

we set each layer to blending mode of Color and thin opacities so that they all fade together.

And there you have it: advanced glow effects with a cool color blend and subtle smoky background combined make for a pretty great effect. Good luck! =)

OK, done.
Thanks to my fren, QmNews for this tutorial.. 
Selamat Mencuba.. ^_^

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