Tomorrow Is The Day

12:39 PM

Greetings and Assalamaualaikum to all.

So, tomorrow is the day. First day for the practical on Monday, 17 February 2014.
Really hope that it will turn into happily life pre-worker ever.
8th Semester-Practical, please be good with me. Be nice to me eh.
May Allah bless and ease everything. Amin.. 

Just letting you, my beloved followers and silent reader too know that,
it will becoming no-recently updated entry's blog of mine.
I'll miss blogwalking and blogjumping here and there.

To those who just started new semester, or will start soon, happy study.
For those who is in the mood of assignment and examination, Good Luck.

Ps: InsyaAllah, will announce the lucky one - many of 1st Mini GA 2014 by Shad soon. Tak petang ni, malam ni InsyaAllah.
Lot's of love from Shad,

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8 Comment

  1. Hye, saya suka baca blog awak, baru2 ni saya baru blog harap awk boleh singgah dan follow blog saya. :)

  2. Good luck on your practical! ^^

  3. Best of luck ! Practical elok2 . hehe ^^


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