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Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.

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Wishes for Sweet Married Couple Mr & Mrs Hafiezy,

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today,
the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. 

Hope your bonds of marriage strengthen and last forever
And your togetherness last till eternity
Praying both of you will become
Parents-to-be soon. Amin..
Ya Allah, Guide them to a successful marriage in Islam

A year by year
Never ending happiness
Never ending joyful
InsyaAllah till Jannah. Amin
Vanila dan Chocolate berpisah tiada.
Endless love wishing to both of you.
"Real love stories never have endings." —Richard Bach.
Stay in Love with each other.
A successful marriage
Requires falling in love many times,
Yes, always with the same person. Vanila dan Coklat!

Warmest congratulation and sincere best wishes on your anniversary. 
May your beautiful and admirable union be richly blessed and your love grow stronger. 
Enjoy this video.

 Siapa yang berminat sila tekan banner di atas . Terima kasih :)
Lot's of Love from Shad, 6/4/2014

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8 Comment

  1. singgah dari GA yg same.. :)gud luck! jemput singgah.. :)

  2. assalammualaikum .. Zara dtg bw peserta. terima kasih meriahkn mini ga ptama kami & terima kasih tadahkn doa ntuk kami..amin ya rabbal amin =') terharuuu.. all the best

  3. Salam Ziarah dari Segmen yang sama... (^_^)

    All the best and Good Luck!!!

    Ukwah Fillah.. Saya dari GA yg sama :D
    Bw here ...


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