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Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all.

It had been a long time since the last post on first week of July 2014. Couple months maybe. Told you, I miss typing very much. Ohhhoo. It had been a hard time back then with the hospital, practical training and some other difficulties. So, this is life right? Happy and Sad, can't be separate though. For the happy part, Alhamdulillah at last, flying colors for the final result. 4 flat for that. Hehe.. Ok, enough with the introduction. 

Back to the topic, since the last time I check (of course 2 month before), I thought that Nuffnang will abandoned me from being a member of glitterati. Seriously, Nuffnang still have love left for me eh.. Thank you so much. 

CPUV 51 : Kastam Malaysia
CPUV 52 : Rakuten
CPUV 53 : Air Asia Go - Korea Sale
CPUV 55 : HP PC Demand Gen Digital - Ongoing

Currently, the total earning since my last cashout is RM93.65.

Thank you so much for readers and viewers.
Appreciate your hardwork.
So, this is the time for me to pay a visit back rite. :)
Di sini lahirnya sebuah Cinta..

Monday, 1/9/2014

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Greetings and Assalamualaikum...
Sila tinggalkan komen anda di sini..
Will pay a visit back! Thank You


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