Which Type Of Malaysian Shopper Are You?

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Greetings and Assalamualaikum to all
Thursday 27.11.2014

Which Type Of Malaysian Shopper Are You?

Asal akhir tahun je, mesti banyak jualan akhir tahun kan. Sales pun banyak jugak.
Diskaun sampai 80% pun ada. Beli satu percuma Satu. Dan banyak lagi promosi-promosi
lain bagi melariskan jualan barangan atau clearance stock. Happy shopping yea.

Anda suka shopping? Anda dipaksa ikut untuk shopping? Jom la kita tengok
kita ni jenis yang macam mana bila membeli ya.

1. The "Bulls Eye" Shopper

You target ONE thing to buy. You'll walk/cycle/drive/swim to the shop to buy that one thing and exit like an over-achiever. Hehe. Daku rasa daku macam ni.

2. The "I Don't Know What I Want But I'll Know When I See It" Shopper

You just want to be in the zone, to be surrounded by rows and aisles of beautiful items. You 'know' you want to get something, but you just don't know what yet. If you're given a whole day, you'll end up with not one, but three things you didn't know you needed! Haa, perempuan slalu macam ni kan, actually tak dak apa pun yang nak beli, tapi last2 ada 2-3 barang gak yang terbeli. Hehehe. Always happen to me.

3. The "Boss, Best Price?" Shopper

You're a serial hustler. Even if you could afford that RM69.99 power bank, you just HAVE to ask the poor guy at the counter for his 'best price'. To you, shopping is a test to see how good you are at pushing limits. "Okaylah,give you RM69!" Win. Tawar-menawar itu best dan kena pandai aim dan kena pandai jugak main tawar-menawar ni ha. Yang pandai, boleh end-up dapat harga yang murah dari sangkaan. Kannn.. 

4. The "The Sales Girl Makes Me Panic" Shopper

5. The "Let's Go Holiday In A Mall" Shopper

6. The "Mata Besar" Shopper

7. The "Free Samples" Shopper

8. The "Kao Dim Everything" Shopper

9. The "I'm So Bored I Want To Go Home" Shopper

You're most likely a guy and you were probably dragged to the mall for two reasons:

1. To drive
2. To pay

At the mall, you wander aimlessly with no purpose like a zombie amongst people. You love seats and you love your phone. Why can't she online shop?... Naahhh, sorry boyfriend/husband. Hehehe..

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  1. Ade berbagai jenis shopper rupanye ye...

    jemput baca ye

  2. hahha..the matabesar shopper..heehe

  3. Lets go holiday in a mall... hahahah nk bercuti2 bertawaf2 dlm mall dr pg smpai ptg ye... mata besar shopper tu cmne ye.


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