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2:36 PM

5th January 2015

Thank you so much readers for the footsteps. And thank you so much to
Nuffnang team (www.nuffnang.com.my) coz give this opportunity to my 'suam-suam kuku' blog.
And also I would like to congratulate for those who got this campaign too.
Keep boosting our visitor. The more page view, the more we get. *Tips

It's the first campaign for this Year, 2015. Hope that it will be a blast like before.

RHB Travel around the World Campaign

Please be 'On Going' in a long period of time. And hopefully it could achieve up to
RM10 this time. Readers, please help me click yeah. Thank you so much.


More info, www.rhb.com.my 

Best regards, Shad.

Ps: I'm in dilemma right now, feel like wanna change this 'suam-suam kuku' blog
into new clothes and new template too. I wish I can have a very simple yet mesmerizing blog
with a simple color yang nampak more professional and 'matang'. Ohho.. Like seriously,
it had been 2 years since I last change my blog appearance and so so.

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8 Comment

  1. Tahniah yer Shad... Zumal jumpa mercy jew sini ^-^

    1. Hehe.. mercy slalu keluar..
      Thank you and congrats to you too.. dapat gak kan cpuv rhb ni.. hehe :D

  2. Tahniah Shad :)
    Jemput singgah blog Fatin :)

    1. Terima kasih.. Okkey.. nak pi terjah nii... :D

  3. masyuknyeeee dapat cpuv lagi hehe..
    tahniah tahniah..

  4. kak xde dapat lagi ... tahniah shad rezeki tahun baru ni...


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