Aidil Adha GiveAway by Dyana Hassan

3:16 AM

Greeting and Assalamualaikum to all. 
I'm joining another giveaway. Let's together.

Aidil Adha GiveAway by Dyana Hassan

Link GA:
Due Date : 25.08.15 - 15.09.15

Frankly speaking this is my first time visiting Dyana's blog. Well yeah, meeting a new friend is not a crime though. Even an invisible friend. Kawan alam maya yang tak nampak depan mata. Reason? The more the merrier, that's what people said. And I'm nodding. Angguk. Betul. Hehe. 

Why Dyana's blog worth follow? Here's my sweet-sesudu-gula's answer : I love her language used in her blog. It is santai-lepak-and dwi-bahasa, like mine? Ohhooo.. I love that. Next, I can spot the dramas and movies update there. How can I resist? Coz I'm so into it too. 'Die Hard Fan' of Running Man? Next, this is the most highlighted one, Dyana buat product review. This is awesome. Told you, it is worth to read bundle of product review from other people. Their opinion and experience of using the product is useful to us in future. Trust me. And I'm looking forward to know each other well. Tambah kenalan gitu. 

Klik di sni untuk join >> nak-menang-baju-raya-aidil-adha

Let's together joining this awesome giveaway. Mana tahu rezeki kita kan. Alang-alang baju raya haji pun tak beli lagi,tak sempat nak beli. Dapat pulak hadiah baju kurung sepasang. Tak ke heaven namanya gitu. Alhamdulilah. Thank you for the giveaway. Semoga makin bertambah rezeki Dyana. Amin. Hehe. 

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  1. gud luck...:)

    dari ga yg sama

  2. Replies
    1. hehe, tahniah jugak kat cik yanie, menang jugak kan, hehe.. alhamdulillah.. :D


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