Hermo Mini Haul Feb 2018

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Hermo Mini Haul Feb 2018. Hi, everyone. I am back with the shopping haul. Idk what happened to me since last two month. Out of ordinary, I became addicted to online shopping! But then I slowly realize and calm myself, oh that was on sale. Means, I am a wise shopper, right? Hehe. And still, tak pernah exceed the spending limit lagi. Okey, just skip about the babbling intro. Jom tengok, what I bought before CNY on Hermo. And yes, mostly they are sheet masks. Please note that, the price mention below ialah price semasa Shad beli earlier this month. Time tu memang tengah sale rasanya. 

So, I love sheet masking so much. Either I bought because the packaging was cute, it is on sale, or I just love to collect them all. Since I notice a positive result after wearing and applying mask again and again, I have become a fans. It feel good though. So why not. 

Bliv knock off age

1. B.liv Knock Off Age [age dismission] - 7pcs RM16.98 LINK

Knock off age pampers skin cells with an all-important luxurious Caviar Extract which delivers the surge of cell regeneration and rejuvenation. A vibrant, firm and plump skin will re-emerge! Ushering the returning of the lively skin you had as a teen! Claim to wipes off all signs of dermal age and decay; and convinces nourished, silken smooth skin to forever stay!*

Best for all skin types, especially for mature, aging skin (30 years old and above). Try a piece of this last week. And I already forgot about what I need to talk about. As far as I remember, I don't hate it. It was worth the price and I might repurchase this mask and try out other range. Will write full review later. I tried the new B.liv Bio-Cellulose Mask last year, and I really love love love it. 

Pascucci Good Face Eco Sheet Mask

2. [Value Pack] Pascucci Good Face Eco Sheet Mask 15pcs RM17.92  LINK

Bought this because it was damn cheap! It was randomly given and I really wish if possible dapat pilih variants yang kita nak. Baru best, boleh try semua. They have 13 kinds with 23ml essence each pack. The one that I received was Green Tea x2, Cucumber x6, Royal Jelly x5, Pearl x2. Selain empat jenis ni, yang lain ada Aloe, Argan, Avocado, Collagen, Pomegranate, Red Ginseng, Rose, Snail and Placenta. 

I tried the cucumber one, the essence was plenty, but it was left too much in the packaging. The sheet don't absorb that essence well, so I was a bit disappointed. Need to put the essence onto the sheet first and then apply the mask. The good thing was, I can feel my face a bit brighter after masking. That was great and sadly I am sorry, because I need to say that, this cucumber mask sting my eyes a bit. This is my first experience applying a mask that sting my eyes. Maybe got a little sensitive on some of the ingredients. Will write the full review after trying out some more on other blog post later on. Stay tuned yah. Overall, the price was cheap, essence is plenty, result not bad.

Hermazing cooling eye mask

3. Hermazing Cooling Eye Mask (Random Design) RM4.90 LINK LINK

This is a Beauty Grab product on Hermo. You can choose any selected full size goodies at a special price with any purchase made. There are mask, eyeliner, mini set product and more to choose. Get them when checkout. Every time before I checkout, I really wish the Klairs Supple Preparation Mini Toner 30ml (RM18) are available. Unfortunately every time was sold out!

So, I decided to pick the Hermazing Cooling Eye Mask. At first I just simply adding this without knowing apa sebenarnya kegunaan benda ni tanpa meletakkan high expectations. Cuma tahu benda ni gunanya letak dekat mata. Lepas dah explore more, I start to fall in love with this Hermazing Cooling Eye Mask and definitely will purchase more. Hopefully dapat design lain pulak nanti. Benda yang kaler biru tu macam cooling pad, Shad letak dalam refrigerator (tempat beku) ada 30 minit kot, lepas dah sejuk, masukkan cooling pad tu dekat penutup mata Hermazing, then pakai la. Feeling best giler. Sejuk ja mata. Lepas dah agak2 cooling eye mask ni dah tak sejuk, boleh remove. Experience the cooling and relaxing eye with this mask. Must try! 

Free Sample: B.liv Deep Impact Sachets x2
Thank you Hermo for the generosity. Been shopping a lot on Hermo, and this is my first time getting the free sample upon purchase. Hehe. Haven't try yet. Will do a mini review on ig later on. 

Hermo haul

So, cukup sampai sini dulu mini haul kali ni. Next month, kena puasa shopping. Karang beli saja, nanti tak terguna pulak, dah lepas expired date buat rugi je. Hehe. Need to save up sebab ingat nak beli new laptop mini bulan depan. Senang sikit nak bawak ke mana-mana, size sederhana dan ofkos ringan. Lagipun laptop yg ada sekarang memang dah uzur dah. Bateri K.O. Any suggestions? Do let me know tau. Please, please help me. Kalau korang nak shopping beauty products, jadilah macam Shad. Bila time sale je shopping. Hihi. Okay then, thank you for reading. 

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  1. wahhh..bestnyaaa....
    kena puasa shopping ni... :)

  2. Bnyk nya shad.. Ni kalau pakai sambil baring2 sure tertidur hehe..kalau zaza better laptop sng if nak install apa2 pakai cd ke apa.. Tapi kalau mini pun ok jgk.. Asalkan mudah utk shad okay :)

  3. TB pun suka mask tapi sekarang keba stop dulu sebab muka ni sensitif tak boleh campur2 sangat.. banyak betui mask shad.. fuh. terliur tengok..ehhh.. hahaha

  4. Meriah tgk mask shad..hehee.. Mmg btul2 mask lover ni... Dh mcm org korea dah..hehe

  5. Banyak nya.. Rasa bahagia je tengok banyak2 macam ni..kan??

  6. Sama la kota shopping time sales ja haha. Setakat ni tak pernah lagi shopping online utk beauty products sbb mcm tak reti nak pilih. Mmg pegi watsons guardian sajo heheh. theathra.blogspot.my jemput singgah


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